Hi, is there any way to create buckets and dynamic...
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Hi, is there any way to create buckets and dynamic attributes in Good Data Cloud ? We would like to display a distribution of our sales rep from top to bottom performers. Something like that. But we can't figure out how we could create the brackets dimension Any idea ? thx.
I ve seen this post that is not part of good data cloud but could be related. https://support.gooddata.com/hc/en-us/articles/215783207-Bucket-Data-with-Computed-Attributes
Hello Alexandre, the feature displayed in the release announcement is not available by default in GoodData Cloud, but it certainly possible to achieve something similar via SQL Datasets. You would just need to define the brackets based on your own criteria and then write it in the form of an SQL query, the dataset objects will display as “regular” objects in your workspace and you could apply further customization via a MAQL metric, with the CASE statement and metric formatting.
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@Moises Morales Is there any plans to make it available to GoodData Cloud anytime soon?