Hi friends, 2 of 2: In an embedding setup, I've se...
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Hi friends, 2 of 2: In an embedding setup, I've seemingly gotten the API token injection method my embedding iframe is just a blank white page. no insights or interactions or anything, just blankness. any ideas? This is true even if I'm in a browser in which I'm logged into the gooddata platform as usual. flipping the "apiTokenAuthentication" flag to "false" brings back the functionality of the embedding for my logged-in browser, and returns my incognito view to 'auth refused to connect', so i know it has to do with that.
Hi Daniel, for the start - as was mentioned by my colleague Joseph, it would be good to have the HAR file. A HAR (HTTP Archive) file records the interactions between your browser and a website/app, including requests, responses, and timings. It’s like a detailed log that helps diagnose issues by capturing network activity, allowing us to pinpoint any problems more effectively. Below is a quick guide on how to create one: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408828867098-Generating-a-HAR-file-for-troubleshooting Could you please generate the HAR file while reproducing the issue on your end and send it to me via DM once done? Thank you