Hi Team, I have a question regarding making our me...
# gooddata-cloud
Hi Team, I have a question regarding making our metrics "read-only". I don't see this as a possibility in the documentation. We create metrics/visualizations for our customers, we embed these in our app as well as the "analyzer", we want our customers to be able to use our metrics and see the visualizations we make as well as give them the ability to make their own, but we don't want them to be able edit the metrics or visualizations we make. Any suggestions?
I'm afraid this isn't possible to control at the metric level. You can manage user permission to allow them access to edit/create metrics, or give the user permissions to only view the data and not edit anything. Since you have stated that you would like to have them create their own, but not edit built metrics, we can submit this as product feedback on your behalf. Would you please state how critical this feature would be for you?
🎉 New note created.