Hi, I am trying to create a user in GD cloud, the ...
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Hi, I am trying to create a user in GD cloud, the user management UI is not yet available so I am using API. However, for most of the API calls (for users) in postman I get "detail": "No API path found that matches request '/api/v1/auth/users'.", Am I using an old version of the APIs or?
Hi Goran, if you are working with GoodData Cloud, you have to use POST
API endpoints are used for creating users within the internal OpenID Connect provider in the on-premise (GoodData.CN) product. Because the GoodData Cloud does not use this internal provider, these endpoints are not available there.
Thank you, I will use this documentation. Thnx
I see you are now getting the error `Invitation endpoint is turned off`If you are unable or you aren’t planning to use your own OIDC provider, we can switch your environment to “managed OIDC” (which means that the Identity Provider is managed by GoodData) that would enable the invite feature. The implication of this is that every invited user is created as an admin (user permissions can be updated later); the limit is 100 users and you cannot set up your own OIDC as long as the managed OIDC entitlement is active.
Hi Moises, the cloud platform I am using is fairly new (few days now) and I still haven't had a meeting with my colleagues weather to use a managed OIDC or our own. Since the issue is the own OIDC provider, let me first manage that within my company and then I will see with the users. Thank you for clarifying what the issue was since I am new to gooddata
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