Hi . do we have any impact / major impact if user ...
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Hi . do we have any impact / major impact if user who access good data dashboard get increased significantly? for example currently 5K users are using it and later on it become 50K?
Hi Anjali, It depends of multiple factors. What what would be the user role/permission of most of these uses? Will they have any data filters applied? If the group of users is ingesting the same dashboard with the same filters it will be pulled from the cache with minimal impact on performance. However, if their roles/permissions/filters differ, each Insight/Dashboards/Scheduled email needs to be executed separately. Also, it is important to know: 1) What would be the user concurrency (for e.g., same business hours and time zone) 2) How frequently do you refresh your input data(how often do you run the uploadNotificationAPI)?