Something has gone off the rails for a datasource ...
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Something has gone off the rails for a datasource we are using. In the data modeler it shows no tables. Background, this workspace was created by doing an API download of another workspace and uploading to this workspace. The workspaces are in different GD organizations. The Insights still show the data. Both the ones that were migrated as well as newly created ones. I have cleared the cache on the data source. Just in case there was some issue there. We created a datasource in both of the organizations that points to the same physical datasource. While this org workspace is showing no tables, the other org workspace is showing the expected tables. If I try to "refresh" the datasource the
<[datasource|[datasource> id]/scan
api calls returns a response with what you'd expect from the UI. No values:
That same scan call (different data source id due to different org) in the working org returns a large response with the information you would expect. Any ideas what is happening?
My fault. When adding the data source we used a different (incorrect) schema. False alarm
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