Hey. Getting some CSV export fails. Table isn't la...
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Hey. Getting some CSV export fails. Table isn't large - around 100 rows and 10 columns - so 1k cells at most. I'm getting this code:
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  "detail": "Server-side problem. Contact support.",
  "status": 500,
  "title": "Internal Server Error",
  "traceId": "a63e75048dcc230a856ce453d64a356b"
Hi Filip, please let me check this and get back to you shortly
Hi Filip, it seems that this might relate to a bug that our engineers are currently working on - Is this the case for you, while attempting to export an insight that you have both row totals and column totals defined, and the table contains the same attribute in both rows and columns? Something along the lines of this example table below:
@Michael Ullock no we don't - it's completely different. We have 3 fields in rows and 1 field in columns. A table above it works the same way (except the date filter is different) and it exports. Pic attached is what the table looks like
Hi Filip, thanks for getting back to me and for this additional details. Although your scenario is not the same as the reproducer I mentioned earlier, I am able to reproduce this behaviour in my testing workspace and it does seem to the related to the existing ticket that we have with our engineers. I have gone ahead and updated our internal ticket and I am awaiting feedback on the fix details. Our apologies for the troubles here, and thanks for your patience in the meantime. I will get back to you once more info on the fix
Hi @Filip Charikov, thanks for hanging in there while our engineers worked on a fix! We have just deployed a new release for GD Cloud and this issue should now be fixed. Would you kindly test from your end and let us know if works out?
@Francisco Antunes Thank you for replying. It seems to have been fixed - I can no longer reproduce this issue.
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Thank you kindly for checking, I’m glad to hear it. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, if you have any other questions or issues.