Hey all. If I copy a workspaces LDM and dashboards...
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Hey all. If I copy a workspaces LDM and dashboards using this get
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GET {{endpoint}}/api/v1/layout/workspaces/dev-workspace
And then run a PUT on another workspace - will this replace that others' workspaces daughters private dashboards? Context: I have a prod workspace - which has 30+ child workspaces and I have a dev workspace. I create new public dashboards in dev and want to push them to prod using the aforementioned api call, without deleting any non-admin created dashboards.
Hi Filip, you can find information on this HERE, basically, the child workspace will take on the parent’s LDM. If the LDM changes in the child, it could lead to reports/dashboards not working as they should based on the previous model. Therefore, you will need to ensure the objects used in the reports or dashboards are still aligned in the LDM. If not, you will need to rebuild those dashboards/reports.
That makes sense - I'm not so much changing the LDM, as adding to it (more fields). What happens when I copy the LDM and the entire dev workspace to my prod workspace - do my prods child workspaces lose their private dashboards?
PUT {{endpoint}}/api/v1/layout/workspaces/main-workspace
When PUTting LDM/ADM to parent WS, child WS are untouched. The only thing you can break are child objects which rely on parent objects. If you delete/change such parent objects, you can break the related child objects. Examples: • You delete a metric in parent (it is not in your DEV WS), you break insights/metrics in child workspaces which use the metric • You change a metric in parent. Newly, it uses BY rules with some attributes. Corresponding insights slicing metric by other metrics may no longer be calculated because a conflict between dimensionalities.