Hello! I'm a colleague of Levi working on creating...
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Hello! I'm a colleague of Levi working on creating dashboards. We have a dashboard that loads correctly but fails to save with any change. Even resizing an insight fails to save. We get a generic "failed to save dashboard, please try again later." I took a look at the browser console and saw that the backend was returning a 400 and the client was logging this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to demo that dashboard progress tomorrow
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  "detail": "Some of given referenced 'datasets' entities do not exist. Not existing IDs: [Identifier(end_time)/Workspace(b7f993537f8c473384a2ce32a7729587), Identifier(start_time)/Workspace(b7f993537f8c473384a2ce32a7729587)]",
  "status": 400,
  "traceId": "b16d9f5b964892e2180f9f8d12370911"
Hi Jake, from our logs I can see the error originates from the missing objects in the dashboard:
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Some of given referenced 'datasets' entities do not exist.Not existing IDs: StockId(apiId=end_time), StockId(apiId=start_time)
If you are not sure about the objects in question, you can also create a copy of the dashboard and debug it from there.
By missing objects, do you mean objects in our data model? Or in the actual dashboard. The idea of missing objects in the dashboard is confusing to me.
Exactly, objects in your data model. I’m not sure what kind of changes were introduced to it, but it seems there is invalid cache data still stored that could be causing the issue. Please let me know if this helps.
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