Our users regularly experience issues with GoodDat...
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Our users regularly experience issues with GoodData session management. They either get redirected to the list of workspaces, or receive the ‘You have been logged out | Please log back in …’ prompt while e.g. editing a dashboard. This does not happen immediately - it seems to happen after a window of 10 minutes has passed, which I assume is a default expiration. That said, the experience is not universal for all our users - some have reported that they’ve left an unsaved GoodData dashboard open overnight, and been able to save it the next morning without issue. The Analytics Designer is embedded in our SaaS product via an iframe and is configured to use our IdP (Auth0). In these redirect/logout cases, the user’s session in our product has not expired. One obvious issue I’ve found is during the
request the SPRING_SEC_OAUTH2_AUTHZ_CLIENT cookie is not set because it is too large. As I understand it, this cookie is an encoded version of the access_token and refresh_token provided by our IdP. Can the GoodData team suggest options for us to resolve this?
Hello Eoghan, I am sorry for the difficulties with holding the session. You are right that the SPRING_SEC_OAUTH2_AUTHZ_CLIENT stores the Access token and Refresh token. Inability to save the cookie can lead to an unexpected issues. I need to consult the reported behaviour and the cookie issue with our team responsible for authentication. We will get back to you soon.
Hello Eoghan, we were discussing what could lead to the reported behaviour and first of all could you please check following setting for the GoodData application in Auth0? https://auth0.com/docs/secure/tokens/refresh-tokens/configure-refresh-token-expiration If there aren't any short and unexpected values, could you please send screen short of the setting? Also, please try to reproduce the issue and catch the requests to HAR and share it with me. For sharing the image and especially the HAR, please use IM. Thank you!
Hi Martin, thanks for getting back to me. I’ll send you a screenshot of our auth0 settings and the HAR file in a direct message when I get the chance.
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Hi @Eoghan Bonass, I would like to ask you if you were able to resolve the issue, or you still need an assistance. I haven't seen any direct message. Please let me know, thank you!