Can we see a history of the changes made to the LD...
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Can we see a history of the changes made to the LDM? We have a few people working on the LDM and occasionally we step on each other's toes. I'd like to be able to know who has made changes at the very least. What they did is also useful
export it to a file using python sdk and conrol changes via git
âž• 1 - see how push / pull / utils are implemented
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I am afraid this is currently not part of the GoodData product. But the LDM export should be reasonably human readable and can be exported and stored to some version control software like git. You can export it multiple ways - either manually from the UI or using the python SDK or via API. Also if you use the command line tool and extension for VS Code, you get each dataset into its own file which can make it even more friendly for this case (note this tool is still beta).
Excellent. That is the confirmation I was looking for. I'll check on this repo linked and see what we can do. Thank you for the insight