Hey. Is there any plan to allow admins to hide fie...
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Hey. Is there any plan to allow admins to hide fields from the LDM? I have a snowlake data schema, and don't want the customers seeing 10 useless (for them) ID fields.
Hi Filip, There are no definitive plans yet, but we do appreciate the feedback on the product. I will mark this down for the product team to review as well.
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Is there no workaround? Maybe through the API? This basically forces me to create 1 giant table without said IDs, which really slows down the fetching of filter values when creating charts.
• alter table - rename it • create a view with previous name on top of the table • use views in LDM instead of tables
Hey Filip, just for my better understanding, what is it what you want to achieve? Are you talking about IDs used as primary and foreign keys between tables, that are not meaningful to end users but needed for the join? If yes, then I might offer several ways how to get closer to what you want to achieve: Option 1) - move IDs to different groups in Analytical Designer ◦ using the API modify the tags of those objects (default tag is based on dataset name). ◦ tags are used for grouping objects in the Analytical Designer list of objects so you can move them to some other group (i.e. create a “technicalIDs” group/tag Option 2 - use labels in LDM • If each ID also has its proper human readable name (i.e. color_ID=3 and color_name=‘red’) you can use the concept of attribute labels in the LDM. • label are basically different visual (textual) representations of the same value of an attribute - it is not different attribute • each attribute can have multiple labels • example of labels usage would be ◦ attribute - “Country” ▪︎ label1 - Country ID (i.e. 123) ▪︎ label3 - Country Code (i.e. USA) ▪︎ label4 - Country Name (i.e. United States) • you can define one of the labels as “default” which will be displayed automatically whenever user uses this attribute (and users can switch to other labels if they want to). • so you would use the original ID attribute and add to it additional label(s) with meaningful content and mark the other label as “default”
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Note that if some fields in source tables are not needed at all, you can delete corresponding attributes/facts in LDM.