Hello, I'm trying to automate the export of PDF da...
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Hello, I'm trying to automate the export of PDF dashboards using the API (it triggers the exports with
- passing the dashboardId in the body - and then poll
to get the pdf) I'm triggering the export for 19 dashboards and basically my issue is that it is very slow: in 10 minutes, I can only get one or two pdfs. What is the expected time to generate 19 dashboards pdfs? any tip to improve the delays? thank you
Hi Simon, This is most dependent on the size of the dashboard and the size of the objects being used on the dashboard. Could you provide us with an idea of how large each dashboard is on your end? Are they all the same size or do they vary in sizes?
each of them contains around 15 insights
@Joseph Heun i don't think it is linked to the size or content of the dashboards that are exported. Today, for the same dashboard, I got a successful export in: • 43 seconds at 153548 • 3m30s at 112940 • 5min at 094539 (and not once was I able to print the 19 reports in less than 10 minutes) is it possible it depends on the current activity on gooddata cloud?
Thanks for the confirmation. Could you please provide a TraceID from the export of the dashboards with the 19 insights? We can try and check the logs for the activity that is happening there.
thanks for having a look! a trace id: 40d88496f26bfaf996746b29fe30c020
Hi Simon, Radek from the GD Technical Support here! I've spotted some errors related to the PDF exports in the logs, and raised the issue with the Cloud team. In the meantime, to confirm that all is good on your end, do the dashboards all load okay when viewed in the browser? And, if it's not too annoying to test, if you try to trigger the export one by one, does that go through without issue?
And a couple more from the Cloud team: Essentially, the issue would come down to the fact that the dashboard doesn't fully render properly in the time allocated to it for the export, and the export doesn't finish. The export time also gets further increased if the dashboard hasn't been previously rendered by a user, and the only recipient is the script calling for the export - it has to get executed, cached, and then rendered for export, as opposed to just rendered from cache. A potential way to test how fast an export will run would be to invalidate the datasource used on the dashboard and open the dashboard in the UI - the successful rendering/calculation time will be the shortest one for the export. Once the executions are cached it should be much faster. Hope this helps! 🙂
Hi there, thanks for the information. Sadly, my experience after one week of playing with the pdf export api is that it is very flaky. I'm never able to get consistently my 15-20 reports with that api in a 10 minutes timeframe. I can try the workaround of first triggering a request to display the dashboards before exporting them but seem cumbersome. Is that experience shared with other users?