Hey, how can I exclude some specific reports from ...
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Hey, how can I exclude some specific reports from a child workspace? I don't have the edit button on the child workspaces. Thank you in advance
Hi Menelaos, the way the Workspace Hierarchy works in GoodData Cloud, the child workspace will inherit all entities present in the parent workspace. The inherited entities are displayed in read-only mode, which would explain why you are unable to edit the inherited reports. You can check out Build a Workspace Hierarchy more info. If you have a dashboard that is on a parent but cannot be on a child workspace, I would suggest removing it from the parent workspace and then only adding it to the children that require it, for example. You can even add another layer to the hierarchy: a pared-down parent with only the things that every child should have > an intermediate child workspace with additional stuff, that you might want to edit > the final, end-user child workspaces. Be careful not to go too deep, though! Anything more than 2 levels deep becomes very difficult to manage.
@Francisco Antunes thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ve read it but doesn’t sound like what we initially agreed. Can you please add as a feature request that I want to be able to remove insights from children workspaces? Thank you in advance!
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