Hi guys, can you please tell me core difference be...
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Hi guys, can you please tell me core difference between SDK and web-components also , any typical usecases?
Hi Hari, GD SDK allows you to custom build dashboards and insights directly into your web. In this sense, you have the freedom to do whatever you can design. Whereas the web based components are limited to what the product allows. You can find more information here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/gooddata-sdk/ And I would also recommend to check out free university courses here: https://university.gooddata.com/
Hello @Hari Haran R, this article describes the differences between GoodData embedding options - including web components and React SDK. https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/webcomponents_intro.html#choosing-the-right-embedding-option