Hi GD team, we have an issue configuring silent lo...
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Hi GD team, we have an issue configuring silent login with auth0
We have followed the guide to configure auth0 silent login for GoodData, but it does not seem to work. We also have a custom auth0 domain that we are using, and it is still asking us to login
What we want to achieve is to embed charts on our Adfirehealth application, but it’s not loading them since GoodData asks for login again, even if we have the cookie from auth0. Adfirehealth: https://app.adfirehealth.com/ GoodData: https://dashboards.adfirehealth.com/ Tutorial: https://community.gooddata.com/administration-61/embed-dashboard-with-a-silent-login-via-auth0-570?sort=dateline.desc
we reached out to auth0, and this is the response from their end:
We need to get this working as our clients are waiting for this solution, we reached out to GD support via email, they said they’ll look into it but never got a response back.
Could you please confirm as to why this is not working, or if this is possible at all? we are kind of in a hurry, thank you
Hi Umer, Thank you for sharing this with us. As you mentioned, you have a ticket opened with us. I will share the response from Auth0 there and inform my colleague Boris about your situation as well. Can we continue with the investigation this way and track everything via ticket, please?