Hi, We would like to create an account that has a...
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Hi, We would like to create an account that has a permission to view embedded dashboards but not edit dashboards, since we will provide embedded dashboard to our clients. I created an account with VIEW permission by referring to the following page, but it seemed that the VIEW account could not even view the embedded dashboard. Is this correct as a specification? If so, how do I create an account with the above permissions? Manage Workspace Permissions
Hello, currently if you do not explicitly share a particular dashboard with user/group they are not visible to them even if they have VIEW permission to the workspace. So please check if you have shared the dashboard with that user/group as decsribed here https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/cloud/manage-organization/manage-permissions/set-permissions-for-dashboards/
Just FYI we are also working on updating the "Workspace permissions" documentation page to mention the need to share the dashboards with users who have VIEW permission, since currently the wording there is a bit misleading.