Hi, I'm trying to filter to get all users that are...
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Hi, I'm trying to filter to get all users that are part of a specific user group I'm trying to use the get all users endpoint (If this is not the correct call to use...please let me know) I've tried setting up a filter as follows filter=relationships.userGroups.data.id=='MyUserGroupID'...this is not correct...what is the correct syntax?
Hi Dave. There’s two things to cover. 1. The inner
needs to be URL encoded. 2. relationships and data are virtual fields that should be excluded from this. Example, if you want to get everybody from the adminGroup, you’d do:
is not mandatory for it to work.
Confirmed! Wonderful! Thanks Jan!
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By the way, I think this could definitely be explained a little better in the docs that we have, so I’ve opened up some follow-up with the documentation team.
@Dave Hood We discussed other scenarios (like wildcards) in this thread: https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01P3H2HTDL/p1685351404599979 Maybe it’ll be useful for you.