Hi team We are a marketing consulting firm, and no...
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Hi team We are a marketing consulting firm, and now we are trying to provide our dashboard for our enterprise customers. However, at that time, we do not would like to force the customer to create a GoodData account. Therefore, what we are trying to do is that use our own OIDC provider to sign in. I had configured it according to this help, but now we have Internal Server Error when we open GoodData. Then, I have two questions. • Are there any other options we can use to show the embedded dashboard without a GoodData account (only viewer permission is required)? • If not, what are the possible causes of the above problems that I would like to troubleshoot? Our connect ID is this:
And one more thing, how do I reset our OIDC settings and return it to the normal login method?
Hi Yuya, The authentication is failing on our end with
401 Authorization failed for given issuer
We’re currently looking further into this. Regarding your questions: While viewing a dashboard without authentication might not be possible for security reasons, SSO Login brings you as close as possible to that experience and at this time is the only alternative I can offer.
@Moises Morales
is not under any limitation when it comes to changing their OIDC provider, this is not the problem. There’s something wrong with the OIDC config itself.
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I don’t think switching back to our provider is possible from your side @岡田侑弥. Since the process involves the oauth secret, it’d have to be requested by you and done by us.
Could you share a bit more about how your OIDC provider is configured?