One GoodData capability we had future plans to mak...
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One GoodData capability we had future plans to make use of with the ability to directly import and use CSVs as a data source, as is covered in documentation for GoodData Platform here. I also saw someone asking about this in forums about 1yr ago and the answer being it wasn’t supported in GoodData.CN (and by extension GoodData Cloud these days). Can someone illuminate if this is coming to GoodData Cloud? The closest pattern proposed in GoodData.CN documentation is to just tack-on a DSM to front a CSV file data source is simplistic for GoodData.CN (where you could deploy a Helm Chart for Dremio or Apache Drill to the same cluster as the GoodData Deployment), but for GoodData Cloud this means having to run infrastructure and come up with a safe way to limit access only to GoodData Cloud, which feels like a bit of an undertaking.
Hi Kevin, Loading CSV files directly to your GoodData Cloud workspace is currently out of the scope of the solution, as one of its features is to avoid dealing with data loads. A way you could work with the files is through a Data Source Manager that can manage files and object storage services like AWS S3
Thanks @Moises Morales so I’m taking that to mean not just that this feature isn’t in GoodData Cloud but is not going to be coming to it in the future, either? If this feature is NEVER going to come to GoodData Cloud, have you come up with clear, safe patterns to use a DSM with GoodData Cloud? Asking everyone to put a DSM on the public internet to use with GoodData Cloud won’t be viewed favorably from a security perspective. So I’m hoping with the number of things for which an external DSM is the answer (second time using a DSM has been given to me as an answer to a data source problem) some thought has gone into how to operationalize that for GoodData Cloud.
It is on our roadmap
We believe it should happen this year
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Thanks for the update @Jan Soubusta!