Hello all: Is there any guidance that GoodData has...
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Hello all: Is there any guidance that GoodData has available on managing SDLC and data across different environments. In our development process, the developers are allowed access to databases on lower environment, which is used to develop, Logical Data Model and Insights. ā€¢ How do I maintain the same data model/insights but different data sources (variation in connection, but structurally the same) as I move from environment to environment like - development, QA, staging and production? ā€¢ Can workspaces in the same hierarchy support different data sources?
I described an approach to providing what you want: https://medium.com/gooddata-developers/extending-ci-cd-data-pipeline-with-meltano-7de3bce74f57 A public git repo is linked in the article, feel free to inspire by it. In the future, we would like to extend the Python SDK to support even more complex LCM(Lifecycle Management) use cases like workspace hierarchies (PoC already exists). Different data source per child workspace is on our roadmap. cc: @Jan Kadlec
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