Hi, I hope you are well. We have a couple of secu...
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Hi, I hope you are well. We have a couple of security questions: • Would you have the access logs of all users and administrators? For how time can we have access to it? • Are the data encrypted on the Gooddata cluster? • Is it possible to use Goodata on a French cluster? • Where is the localization of the backup? • Who manages the user authentification process? Is it Auth0 that manages the user authentification process? If yes: ◦ Is it hosted in the USA or in Europe? Is it possible to modify the localization of the data to France? ◦ What is the protocol used by Auth0? JWT? • Does Auth0 apply the norm SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001:2013? • Is the infrastructure decicated for one client or mutualized for several clients? • How is the data deletion managed? • Is it possible to activate SSO for Gooddata via the protocoals Oauth2 and OpenId? • What should be the performance of Goodata when there are dozens or hundreads of users connected simultaneously? Is there a limit? Thank you in advance for your answers. Ambrose
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Hi Ambrose, Interesting questions, indeed. Could you be so kind and resend to me via email address support@gooddata.com, please? I’d like to loop in also our Security team to make sure we won’t overlook anything. But please be aware, it might take couple of days to prepare all the requested documents.
I just found your email, hope you won’t mind if we continue there. Thanks a lot!
Thank you for your prompt answer!
By email is perfect
I will add a few people to the loop on our side
If possible, could you send an answer by Friday, we need to answer those questions by Monday
Thank you again
Sure, you are very welcome. We will try our best - I just do not want to promise anything on behalf of the Security team. What’s the most crucial info that you need, please?
If we have any, we will share it by email
thank you again Ivana!
Perfect, I will keep an eye on the ticket/email.
Hello @Ivana Gasparekova. Concerning this topic, we are participating to a public bidding which deadline is next Monday. Wining this contract is very important for our startup to keep on the rails. If ever you have any information before monday, we would be so grateful. Don't worry if you don't have all the answers, you can send us the one you have already. Thank you !
Hi @Thibault Gouala - CTO Bibak, Please check my response in related email thread.