Hi all. I'm trying some new data models, so I'm up...
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Hi all. I'm trying some new data models, so I'm uploading CSV files directly via the Datasets Loads. Things is, I'm getting some errors on column count. Does the parser follows RFC 4180 or any other standard? I looked here but see no mention of how to send line breaks in text fields, for example, and following RFC 4180 still gets me the same errors.
Hello Guilherme, I’m not exactly sure what is causing the error, but I believe it could be a combination of not-accepted character formatting (we only accept UTF-8 Character encoding) or special international characters and diacritics. Normally, we accept international characters if imported encoded in the UTF-8 character set. Additionally, please check for any blank columns at the end of the file. If further assistance is needed, please feel free to share the CSV file with the headers via PM.
Hi, thank you for your time. When recreating a minimal example it dawned on me. The parser actually follows RFC 4180, I didn't. All good, and sorry for the trouble!
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