Hi everyone. I’m wondering what your suggestion ...
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Hi everyone. I’m wondering what your suggestion is to include in the same visualization a given outcome and the total N (eg revenue increase per division and simultaneously the total number of customers). The use case here is that a given increase or decrease may not be meaningful if we can’t show the N of the sample. The only alternative I’m seeing is using the combo chart and each line axis (left and right) for each dimension. However, the simple fact the line can’t be suppressed makes it very difficult to understand. Thanks
Hello Joao, this will depend on whether the metric is compatible with the visualization that you chose. Generally speaking, you will need to check your metric definition and LDM connection to look for any incompatibility problems, but I would suggest starting with a simple tabular insight to understand the behaviour. I can take a deeper look if you send me via DM the metric definition and the insight you built as well your current LDM setup.