Question about setting FORMAT_LOCALE. In my works...
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Question about setting FORMAT_LOCALE. In my workspace, I have already set the LOCALE. In addition, I want to set a FORMAT_LOCALE. I am following the instructions in When I do a POST to api/v1/entities/workspaces/82dd8bfcff56bdb0b8dbcb6dec3/workspaceSettings, I get a HTTP 400, with this detail: "Entity of ID 'Identifier(82dd8bfcff56bdb0b8dbcb6dec3)/Workspace(82dd8bfcff56bdb0b8dbcb6dec3)' is already stored in database. ". How do I set the FORMAT_LOCALE when LOCALE is already set?
Hi Balamurali, can you please clarify for me which GoodData product you’re using? This documentation refers only to GoodData cloud: However, you are posting this question in the GoodData platform room?
My bad, I was indeed referring to I should have referred to The POST command now works. Thanks for the help!