Hi all, I have set up a Federated Database instanc...
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Hi all, I have set up a Federated Database instance in MongoDB that provides a SQL schema and should translate Atlas SQL queries between Gooddata and the Atlas data. While I have successfully configured the Federated Database instance, I’m encountering challenges in connecting it to the GoodData platform. The JDBC connection url starts with
but there’s no option for this in the ‘Connect source’ window. Any insights or suggestions on how to establish this connection would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, @Bianca Moldovan, do I understand correctly that you want to use MongoDB as a data source for GoodData? Meaning that you will visualise data from MongoDB in GoodData? If so, then: 1. You should choose “MongoDB” option from the screen you shared above. 2. On the next screen insert all the required information. UI suggest
, because GoodData uses https://www.mongodb.com/docs/bi-connector/current/ to connect to Mongo. a. The BI Connector is a product/tool developed by Mongo and needs to be enabled first b. Without the BI Connector you cannot connect GD with MongoDB I hope this information was helpful.
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