Hey Amazing GD people! We use LCM to load data an...
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Hey Amazing GD people! We use LCM to load data and in our DEV enviroment every time we try to Run Account or User provisioning it ends in error. Invalid PKCS#8 data.. We have tried changing out our credentials, since this seems related, but nothing on our end seems to affect the outcome
Hello Tomas! I want to make you aware that we’re handling this in an internal ticket, in case you want me to add you on CC, please feel free to send me your email via DM. For anyone coming across this question in the future, I recommend checking the thread here for some hints on how to solve the issue: https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01P7PBJFLH/p1692719377349439
Sound great @Moises Morales! I'll send it via DM. As for the solution in the thread provided, considering that no changes were made since MAR 2023, it seems unreasonable to assume it is incorrect data-entry. Just in case, I added a new connection in both possible ways: manually setting each value, and uploading a .json keyfile. The error still occurs after both, and affects all existing connections.