Using the python SDK to manage a user group, is th...
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Using the python SDK to manage a user group, is there a way to specify the
? It's easy to do via the REST API, but it is unclear on how to do that with the python SDK. What we need to do is set the User Group name, which is done in the attributes for the REST API.
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"data": {
        "id": "id-of-group",
        "type": "userGroup",
        "attributes": {
            "name": "Name That Shows up In UI"
Hi Patick, just so we are on the same page, could you please confirm you are using GoodData Platform and not GoodData Cloud?
We are using GoodData.CN version 2.4 installed in our K8s cluster.
Please note that you have posted your question to the wrong channel and may be overlooked by our developers. Please move your question to the GoodData CN channel so it gets the right attention > # gooddata-cn
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I'm having the same issue, was this resolved over in the other channel or still an open issue @Patrick Sexton @Moises Morales?
Hi @Cam Findlay I have answered to you on this thread: