Hello, A drill down does not give me the expected ...
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Hello, A drill down does not give me the expected result. I would like to drill down on a metric that is filtered both by a where clause and a filter. I'll explain: on a dashboard I'm using an insight that shows a metric with a where clause by value a and b. The insight also is filtered by a value C. The insight i'm drilling down to, does not contain any filters. I noticed when drilling down on the shown value, it doesn't seem to care about the filtered values in the where clause of the metric.
Hi Hans, If the values don’t seem correct in the drill, then you may want to check that all inner metrics are using an ifnull function to push a numeric value through to the other metrics.
Another thing you may want to check is the workspace validation
If these do not help, we would need to look directly into the workspace and may require opening a support case
Hi Hans, I believe that this is intended behavior - the filters within a WHERE clause of a metric are not transferred to a drill down. You can see details about what filters are transferred here in the documentation. Those are only these: • Filters configured in the dashboard filter bar and active for the source insight. • Filters configured in Analytical Designer for the target insight. • Attribute value you click on in the source insight. I am afraid that currently if you need some filter within a metric to work, it also needs to be part of the metric in the target insight.
Thanks Michal, I suspected something like this.
@Joseph Heun Thanks for the reply, we're using validateproject as a standard practice 😉