Here I am with the next (hopefully smaller) challe...
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Here I am with the next (hopefully smaller) challenge: I want to display the latest timestamp for which we have data loaded (which is NOT the same as the last moment when we pulled data). This is supposed to show consumers of a dashboard how much delay we have in the data. Now, I followed the advice in this article:, but I have trouble making it work. I built a independent dataset with exactly 1 line, having the timestamp as a date attribute and as an integer fact in seconds. My two questions: • how can I display it in an insight? • how can I display it in a dashboard as a single Datapoint • how can I show it including the timestamp part?
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Hi Thomas, I believe this article was describing how to do this in the legacy PixelPerfect dashboard where you had full control over size and positioning of individual reports. However it should be still possible to do something similar in the responsive dashboards. Use table insight If you have the string value (including timestamp) as an attribute (with whatever datetime format you like) , you can try to display it in a table (one row, only the attribute, no metrics). This will give you a single row table with header which you can put to the dashboard. Another option is: Use Headline Insight • do not store the fact value as timestamp, but as a big integer with numbers in the order you want them in your insight ◦ for example if you want data in format 2023-09-19 104923 store there the number “20230919104923” (I basically just dropped the ‘-’ and ‘:’ characters from the date) • then use a metric SELECT MAX(fact) and set custom format for it. In this case for example “0000-00-00 000000" that will add the dashes and spaces to the correct places • you can then use this metric anywhere, It is quite good to use the headline insight I guess. In both cases you can hide the insight title on the dashboard (and potentially use the section title/description instead) to make it look a bit more natural.
thanks, will give this a try!
I have it working now, thanks!
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