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  • 28 June 2021
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Good Morning! Would it be possible to create a metric that would display the date and time of the last time the data was updated? Last time the dataset was updated within GoodData?


If it were possible to create a metric I would display it inside a dashboard, showing "This data has been updated XX/XX/XXX at 00:00

Best answer by Zuzana Bednarova 30 June 2021, 16:53

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Hi Jeferson,


for such task, a new disconnected dataset needs to be added to your logical model.

I haven't used it for a while now, but if I remember correctly, the dataset should have couple of columns:

  • timestamp (attribute)
  • fact (timestamp in integer)
  • Primary key, also known as Connection Point ( you can create your own or use automatically generated by GoodData - records of ...) 

Once such dataset is uploaded, create a simply report including the timestamp attribute and add it to your dashboard.


Or you can create a variable (type filtered value) using the timestamp attribute and add it to dashboard using variable status.

The last update info then looks like this:


Hope this gives you some ideas how to achieve it.

All the best,


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Zuzana, thanks for the tip.I will study this process. Thanks!