I have some questions about how Dashboard and Insi...
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I have some questions about how Dashboard and Insights shareability/editability/viewability works. I have read the documentation but I still don't get it. 1. Explorer User 1 creates Dashboard X and an Insight Y and doesn't change sharing (so its not shared). Explorer User 2 cannot see Dashboard X (expected behavior), but Explorer User 2 can view and edit Insight Y. So Explorer User 2 can effectively change/mess up the contents of Dashboard X by changing the insights included in it. Is this expected behavior? Why aren't insights protected too? 2. Explorer User 1 creates Dashboard X and shares Dashboard X with "All Users", but Explorer User 2 still can't see it. In fact, even if Explorer User 1 explicitly shares Dashboard X with Explorer User 2, they still can't see it. Is this expected behavior?
Hi Willie, 1. I have to confirm this is indeed expected because right now there is no way how to make insight private same as it is possible with Dashboards. I will submit product feedback on your behalf so our product team can consider similar feature for future developments. 2. I have tested this just to be sure and it works correctly for me. If I create a Dashboard with explorer user and when I explicitly share the Dashboard with the other explorer user (or all users), he is able to see it and use it. Could you please double-check this and possibly try again?
Additional note regarding point 1 - as you are not able to make an insight private and if you need to somehow conceal the data, the safest way would be using data permissions.
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