Hi GoodData Team! We have created some documentati...
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Hi GoodData Team! We have created some documentation about a workspace in our company intranet and would like to link to it from gooddata. It seems like I can’t find a way to embed a URL somewhere. Is it possible to do this somehow?
Hello Thomas, I’m afraid that there isn’t a very straightforward way of embedding a URL in GoodData. Still, we can explore some ideas. One option would be to add this URL in one of the workspace’s dashboards. In the legacy Pixel Perfect dashboards, this can be done via a Text Box. In the new Responsive UI, though, it’s a bit more complicated. You’d have to use the Drill to URL option from an insight. The intended use-case is for drilling down on the results on the insight to access a URL. In your case, we’d have to get a bit more creative. The idea here is to create a simple insight that will serve only as a “widget” to hold the URL for you. In the example in the first screenshot below, I created a simple table with only 1 result (a simple Count metric) and used Custom Number Formatting to change the result to “Click HERE”. I also renamed the table to “Our Internal Documentation”. Then, I added it to a dashboard and used the Drill to URL option (second screenshot) so that the result is clickable and leads to the desired URL. I used a table here, but this can be done on any visualization. Finally, there’s another option where you can customize the Documentation URL accessible from Help > Documentation to lead to your page. The tradeoff is that the button wouldn’t take your users to the GoodData documentation anymore. I hope these ideas are helpful!
One more idea - If you are not embedding your dashboards somewhere else and the users are accessing directly the GoodData portal and your documentation is valid for your whole solution/domain (i.e. not a specific for a workspace or dashboard), you can potentially use the whitelabeling feature (if it is available in your plan). With this you can modify (among others) the URLs of the link in the Help menu (the one in top right of the whole GD portal. Specifically the
parameter allows you to modify the target URL of the Help-> Documenattion link in the top menu. There is also possibility to change the Visit Support Portal link with the
parameter. Note that this can only be done by a domain admin user for the whole domain. Here is the documentation of this feature: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/gooddata-in[…]label-an-existing-domain/customize-the-white-labeled-domain/ But as I mentioned, if you are embedding your dashboards to some application and the portal header is never seen by your users, this will not work for you.
Thanks for the suggestions. We’re using our Whitelabeled domain for internal and external purposes, so I’ll try the Drill to URL option first. It sounds quite hacky to be honest, but I guess I can live with it for now. How likely is it, that we get more options to explain our data in the future? I have a few ideas in mind: • HTML / Descriptive Elements in Dashboards • Adding Metadata (e.g. Distribution, Min / Max Value, count etc.) to Fact / Attribute descriptions • HTML / links to external info in Facts / Attributes