Hello, in the GD usage workspace the dashboard XNA...
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Hello, in the GD usage workspace the dashboard XNA pops up. Is that the Analyze tab?
Good day, Hans! The XNA value is actually a substitute value for when GoodSuccess doesn’t have the metadata for a given object. Metadata are updated once a week in GoodSuccess so if object was freshly created, it can take a week till it is visible. Thus, the XNA dashboards you are seeing in your results in the usage workspaces are dashboards that were created but whose metadata wasn’t yet updated. In a week (at most) their correct names should pop up 🙂
Hello Hans, let me add one more thing - XNA also denotes exutions of reports dashboards that have been not saved or existed only for short period of time between two metadata exports.
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Okay that's clear thanks a lot!
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