Hey all! Can you tell me if GoodData supports the ...
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Hey all! Can you tell me if GoodData supports the translation of dashboards and data? We have customers from different countries that are used to have interfaces translated into their native languages. In our case, we will embed dashboards, and we want them to be translated according to this specific customer. Do you know if (and how) this can be done?
Hello Bruna, I believe that the Metadata Localization is what you are looking for here. Please check the bellow docs for more information: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/free/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/gooddata-integration-into-your-application/metadata-localization
Thanks for the reply Julius! Some details are still not clear to me: 1. is it possible for the user to choose which language they want to view? for example, we have clients in Germany who prefer to view the information in german, but some in english. 2. Can we have multiple translations in one workspace? or is it required to have workspaces in couples of english-second_language?
cc @Neeraj Das
Hi Bruna, sorry for the radio silence. You can define a set of languages for your data product with localized texts for metadata objects such as names of reports, metrics and so on. Users of the GoodData platform can then switch between languages via Account settings.