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Hello guys 🙋‍♂️ have you ever dealt with multi-currency, i.e. changing the currency according to the user's country? Is it possible to set currency setting for specific users? (Or automatic setting based on users language. but I'm not sure if or how is possible automatically change users language based on his country). Thanks for your advice ✌️ 👨‍💻
Hi Ludek, There is a nice article about setting localization on our community here: https://community.gooddata.com/administration-kb-articles-49/localization-and-internationalization-172
As for the currency itself, it is something that needs to be defined in the source data
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Let me share idea how to support multiple currencies. It is possible to use M:N relation to map facts in fact dataset in single currency to different currencies. Bridge table which implements mapping between source currency and target currency may contain foreign currency exchange range which can be used in MAQL formula to convert data from fact table in source currency to target currency. Adding target currency attribute into a report would lead to data duplication and data would be displayed in multiple currencies. This can be combined with data permissions to filter data for the user and display only single target currency. Other option is to store data in fact table redundantly in multiple currencies without M:N relation in data model and use data permission to filter data in given currency for the user. An option can be also to replace data permission with some mandatory filter in UI which would filter always single currency. This can be probably implemented in some custom UI and selection of the currency can be then sent as one of the filters of executed insights/dashboards.
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