Hi, I have a feature request - could you have a w...
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Hi, I have a feature request - could you have a way to obtain the list of all the unique primary keys used as part of the aggregation for a metric? I'm trying to understand why my automated tests have started failing, and while I can see a difference between the aggregated values I expect and the aggregated values the insight produces, it's super hard to debug what may cause the insight not to include a certain record in comparison to my test SQL. Values arrive short of the expected values by up to 500$ (0.15%), and I have very little visibility on what that 500$ may be. Most often than not it's a few cents short, which is aggravating 😅
Hello Philippe, I afraid we don’t such listing available. Are you using metric formatting in the metric you are trying to debug (sometimes this could cause some discrepancies)? I noticed you are using
number formatting in some of your metrics based on the screenshots above. If so, can you try to remove the formatting and check the insight. Additionally, have you tried to validate the workspace?
Have you tried to explain the insight and analyze the SQL generated by our platform?
This is valid for GoodData platform. For GoodData.CN / Gooddata cloud, once an insight is loaded, replace
in the URL, e.g.: http://localhost:3000/analyze/#/workspace_id/reportId/edit -> http://localhost:3000/analyze/#/workspace_id/reportId/debug A download dialog should appear. When you extract the downloaded ZIP, you should find a SQL file there.