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  • 31 March 2022
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Hi all,


Is there a way to see what the SQL querying the DB is behind a particular metric?




Best answer by Jan Kos 1 April 2022, 18:59

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3 replies

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Hi Filip, 

please see the following resource in GreyPages which should help in this case:
https://<Your Domain>/gdc/md/<Project ID>/query/metrics

From there you can open any metric and go the "explain2" resource:

"links" : {
"explain2" : "/gdc/md/<Project ID>/obj/422/explain2"

From there you will see the GoodData Algebraic Query Engine Explain Resource. 

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply, but this actually doesn't show the SQL behind the metric, it just returns a diagram of how the metric is computed.

Is it possible to see the SQL behind the metrics somewhere?



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Hello Filip,

To get a SQL query behind metric you would need to create insight with a metric first. You can just only add a metric in to for example table insight and save it. Then you navigate to following resource in grey pages:<projectID>/query/visualizationobjects

and find your saved insight. From there navigate to:

"links" : {
"explain" : "/gdc/md/bj40ijh91yr6rgsb4dlvskla66r0a1t0/obj/128744/explain"

You'll get explain resource for the insight, where you select “SQL Database Selects” and hit submit.