Hello everyone, everything good? Can anyone help m...
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Hello everyone, everything good? Can anyone help me with a question? How do I find out how many Workspaces I have left in my GoodData account? Is there any way to find out by the tool or some API?
Hi Douglas, you can view list of workspaces where your user is owner or member here: https://yourdomain.com/gdc/md/ . Regarding the limits of workspaces and how many you have left, you would need to reach out to your account owner.
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Thanks a lot for the help!
@Jan Kos Would it be on that site? When I put the link you provided I was directed to this page
Hey Douglas, https://yourdomain.com was just an example. Instead of that use URL which you are using to log in GoodData and put
behind .com. More specific example - URL could look like this:
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Sorry for the lack of attention and again, thank you very much!