Hey! I am trying to use the GoodData API to try ou...
# gooddata-platform
Hey! I am trying to use the GoodData API to try out a couple of things. I was able to successfully login and get the TT and SST as part of the header ("Set-Cookie"). When I try to use the TT value for another request by adding to the header ("Set-Cookie"), I am getting a 401 Authorization Required Error. Is there something I am doing wrong while passing the TT. I also tried the same using Postman and Python to test it out. I have attached the screenshot of the Postman response below.
Hi Hrudhai, The TT is only valid for 10 min, so please make sure it is being used within that time range.
Yes! I got it to work. Turns out, I was only setting the header but not the cookies!
But I just ran into another issue. I am trying to add the domain in which my GoodData.UI is hosted to the allowedOrigins in CORS. I received a response of successful but when I try to access the same URL, I am getting the same issue again
The said issue when I try to use the docker method to deploy it by using build_with_existing_hostname
This is what I get when I try to use just "build"
Hi Hrudhai, your allowed origin in format http://gooddata.krtrimaiq.ai:3000 is incorrect. It has to be
You can see it in the doc here.
Got it. It worked. Thanks!!