Hi. I have get the error message "Error during k8s...
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Hi. I have get the error message "Error during k8s execution: Unable to migrate LDM, reason(s): invalid input syntax for type integer: """ . I've been able to publish and load the data to my DEV environment and create a release brick without any errors. So I don't understand what goes wrong with the roll out brick, since the LDM and data loading works fine in my DEV ?
Hi Josefin, it is hard to troubleshoot the issue without having the details of project and logs of rollout brick, but there could be some adjustments in client workspace which is incompatible with the MAQL diff generated for the master workspace. Have you tried the below option in rollout brick
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synchronize_ldm: diff_against_master_with_fallback
okay, perfect, that worked - many thanks!