Hi Guys, I'm currently working on integrating Good...
# gooddata-ui
Hi Guys, I'm currently working on integrating GoodData into our Next.js application. Here are the versions we're using:
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"next": "11.1.4",
"react": "17.0.2",

// Using yarn as package manager
The initial setup went smoothly, and I was able to create the
file following the provided documentation. However, we encountered an error while working with
, specifically regarding configuring a custom loader. Could anyone assist us in resolving this issue? We need guidance on how to configure a custom loader for GoodData in Next.js 11 and what the minimum requirements are for installing GoodData in Next.js. Your help is much appreciated.
Hey @Ahamed Rasheed is the Next.js in version 11 a hard requirement for this one? Is also
used at all? The content of the
file might be also beneficial in this case (you can check with below mentioned examples). And for the guidance, we have one example on Next.js v12 and one more recent example on Next.js v13.
Hey @Jakub Vajda, Thank you for the feedback. I've reviewed the repositories you provided, and they offered valuable insights into configuration. However, we're still facing challenges implementing the
<Dashboard />
component in a Next.js application. While we were successful in running it on a React.js app, Next.js has presented some obstacles. Could you share a sample code or documentation related to this issue? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. CC: @Moises Morales
Can you please also check the single visualisation component (
- docs) reports similar issue? The error basically describes, it cannot follow the basic configuration options for your project - and these will be stored either in next or webpack config file. I would also suggest to try to follow the later example via blog post and see if you get to the same issue.
@Jakub Vajda, configuration is set up as we are able to generate gooddata-export.js file and when we import tigerFactory from the good data package , then it is giving me parsing error. Can you please guide me how can I fix this issue?
Hello, we are looking into this.
Could you please confirm if you are using GoodData Cloud or GoodData Platform ?