Hi Everyone, Is there a recognized issue with Ins...
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Hi Everyone, Is there a recognized issue with InsightView being unable to load tabular insights? I'm encountering the following error: Trying on "@gooddata/sdk-ui": "9.0.1".
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'addEventListener')
at BeanStub.addManagedListener
Hi Prashant, I am not aware of such issue, but I would suggest to upgrade your SDK to the latest version 9.7. Could you share with us a snippet of your code and explain a bit when are you getting this error, please? Are you trying to add some event listeners into your solution as well?
Hi @Ivana Gasparekova, despite the upgrade to version 9.7, the problem still remains. Here's the code, which is quite straightforward as shown below:
const renderPlaceholder = useMemo(() => {
return (
{selectedToAddInsightId !== 'new-insight' &&
)}, [selectedToAddInsightId]);
Hi Prashant, Radek from the GoodData technical team here! Is this issue limited to a single insight type, or does the same error manifest with every insight? If it's all of them, can you try to display it in the simplest way possible, ie just a page that returns the
component with a hard-coded Id?
Yes, I tried that @Radek Novacek. The issue is with any Table Insight.
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Hi Prashant, I was trying and unable to break this unfortunately 😞 Would it be possible for you to DM me a minimal reproducer? Just the smallest possible app from your side that sees that same issue, you can even leave out the node_modules folder to not make the file itself too big. Many thanks! 🙏
Sure. Let's discuss further
Hi Team, any update on the same?