Hey guys, can i ask you for a help please? I'm try...
# gooddata-ui
Hey guys, can i ask you for a help please? I'm trying to implement
component and i'm missing font icons. I have installed these packages from GD but non of them contains icons. Any idea what am i missing?
Hello, I faced a similar issue recently when embedding a gooddata dashboard in a react application using the vite toolchain. My issue was that the indigo font was missing in the produced assets files (when building the app). You should probably check that 1) you're correctly embedding all the necessary css files for the dashboard to work (documentation) 2) the indigo font is indeed present in the produced files when building your app.
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Hi there @Jakub Smagin, was Simon's tip helpful for you? It's definitely a good one, just wanted to check in though 🙂
Hey, thanks for the tips. Actually, it was a webpack configuration fault. In css resolver, in
we had
url: false
. But reverting it to true, it started working correctly 🙂
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Oh perfect, thank you for letting us know!
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