Hi! Does GoodData has any plans to release a Commo...
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Hi! Does GoodData has any plans to release a CommonJS build of the GoodData UI React SDKs? The current ESM-only builds are incompatible with Jest, our test runner (which only has stable support for CJS), and our current workaround is to configure Jest to transform the sdk binaries to CJS (like in this issue), leading to very long unit test times when the Jest cache misses.
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Hello, this is Radek from the GoodData technical team - unfortunately, there are no plans for this at the moment. Starting with version 9, GD.UI has been migrated from CommonJS to pure ESM, and internally, the move included porting all our tests from Jest to Vitest as well. Based on our engineers' experience, it might not be a bad idea to do the same - the migration is nearly 1:1, and Vitest is very light and fast, so there's a good chance you would save a lot of time in the future past the initial migration effort! 🙂
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