Hi! Do you plan to make available the following: -...
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Hi! Do you plan to make available the following: • Scatterplots with lines (or the possibility of adding lines in the settings) • Sankey with multiple "To" destinations. Right now it's only possible to map a start point to a finish point, and not intermediate steps with a given pathway.
I am not sure what is the problem with Sankey diagram. For example following SQL for SQL based dataset on top of Postgres data source:
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select * from (values
('C','G',20)) sankey_data("from","to","value")
can be source for following visualization where intermediate steps are displayed:
yep got, nevermind. Was a dataset mistake, thanks.
Regarding the scatter with lines, is it on your roadmap?
Just fyi, this is particularly useful for analysis such as kaplan-meier ones
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No, it is not on short term roadmap. You can render it as custom visualization using GD.UI SDK and some charting library. I will record this as feedback for scatterplot and we will consider it in future.
🎉 New note created.
thank you!