Hello! There's some example code where I can see h...
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Hello! There's some example code where I can see how to implement an PGP login with a Dashboard component? I'm working with version 8.12.1
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Ok, there's two other questions here 1. This
I copy the entire Auth context folder from an sample code generated by
. It's probably the same thing right? 2. This passphrase, it's not required?
Other thing, there's any possibility to create a dashboard directly using the Dashboard component? Like using iframe with the route
Hi Luis, Radek from the GoodData technical team here 🙂 1. You can do that yeah, the Auth folder has all the backend/auth definitions needed for this. 2. The passphrase is used to encrypt your private key - it's technically not required, but it is an additional layer of security. 3. It is possible, and described in the Dashboard component docs - essentially, you set the initial render mode as "edit" and simply not define the dashboard prop. Hope that helps!
Perfect Radek, thank you!
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