I'm having a tough time exporting the catalog data...
# gooddata-ui
I'm having a tough time exporting the catalog data. The docs on GD documentation were a bit confusion as they reference the
script without showing what that script looks like. However, the github readme.md got me most of the way there. I'm getting this error when I run the script. I'm using .gdcatalogrc file for the data. I have swapped our actual hostname for
in the script which is why you see
. I'm not certain how the axios call from the library is making a call to
. I'm at a loss for the next steps. Is there some other way to export a catalog? Maybe from the GD UI itself instead of the CLI tool? I could also call an API directly if that was an option. I don't see references to catalog export in the api docs: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/api-reference