Hello, how can I get the dashboards created in the...
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Hello, how can I get the dashboards created in the current workspace, excluding the inherited ones, as we can do with the Python SDK and the API?
Hi Goncalo, Are you managing these workspaces via LCM, and that’s what you mean by the inherited dashboards?
we have gooddata cn self hosted, what I mean by inherited dashboards, are the dashboards that are available in the current workspace, that were created in parent workspaces right now, I have this snippet to get all dashboards (IListedDashboard) from a workspace:
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const workspace = useWorkspaceStrict();

      .then(dashboards => {
        // do something with dashboards
But I want to leave out the dashboards inherited from parent workspaces.
Hi @Gonçalo Teixeira, you can identify inherited dashboards with
dashboard object property, as listed here: https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.3/workspaces/api/objects-identification/#object-origin I'll check whether it is possible to access it without calling the back end API directly.
yeah, I'm familiar with that, I just wanted to check if that would be possible with the react sdk
Hi again, unfortunately this property is not exposed currently. But there is a workaround to this -- if a dashboard has
isLocked: true
property set up by default, it is inherited from the parent.
Ok thank you!