Hi, We are trying out the drilldowns in the Dashb...
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Hi, We are trying out the drilldowns in the Dashboards and seeing what they look like in our own UI. Unfortunately the Drilldowns into a Dashboard or URL do not work. But the Insights do. When I click the "Click chart to drill" nothing happens and there is no error. The dashboard it is drilling down to is viewable to the user. Any ideas? FYI: We are using Angular 13+. Does that make a difference?
FYI: It does not work in a stand-alone react app either.
Hi Carol, it seems that you also sent in a ticket for this issue. Can you confirm that? If so, we will go ahead and proceed with handling this one from there, OK?
Yes, I put in a ticket as well. Ok, that sounds fine.
Hello @Carol Hood , this is a limitation of the Dashboard component, see: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/dashboard_intro.html#dashboard-component-limitations (there is also a link with example how to handle drill to dashboard. For drill to url it's similar, you just need to listen for related drill events). We currently don't provide this "out of the box", as there are many scenarios how you may want to handle drills (redirect, open a new modal window, open new tab/window, change some iframe url, etc...).
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Thanks. I have been able to get this working.
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@Matyáš Kandl in essence you're saying that its not a bug but a feature that it doesn't automatically handle the drill-downs by URL or Dashboard. I like your point that because of the flexibility and the desired design that you don't want to force people down a particular path like you would in the iframe/webcomponent feature. Maybe the documentation should be updated to specify that because today it is written like the entire dashboard react component is experimental and not ready for production.